Property Management:

Hassle-Free Property Management
Managing rental properties is usually more work than property owners anticipate. From tracking billing, to filing paperwork, to providing routine maintenance, to communicating with tenants, there is way more to it than collecting a rent check every month. This is where RE/MAX by invitation comes in; we provide extensive management services for our clients, and make sure that the landlord-tenant relationship runs smoothly and effectively.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our property management services by phone 571-389-7630 or by email

Our Property Management Services Include:

1.      Accounting & Reporting

1.      Statements & Annual Reports

2.      General Bookkeeping

3.      Preparation of Documents for your Tax Preparer

2.      Billing and Bill Payment

1.      Tenant Billing

2.      Making Bill Payments Such as Mortgages, Taxes, etc

3.      Bank Deposits

3.      Managing Routine and Emergency Maintenance

4.      Tenant Correspondence


Lease Your Property with Ease
We go beyond managing your property, by providing you access to the area’s leading Real Estate professionals with RE/MAX Realty who provides you with leasing services to make sure that the right tenant is selected right from the start. Finding good tenants can be tricky, and we take the guesswork out of selecting a new tenant. RE/MAX by invitation Property Management works with your agent to help make a smooth transition to a new tenant. Our team provides clients with leasing services such as listings, background checks, credit reporting, and recommendations based on legal tenant compliant information.

Here Are Some of the Leasing Services You’ll Get With Us:

·       Draft & Execute Lease Agreements

·       Collect Tenant Fees

·       Conduct Walk-Throughs

·       Schedule & Manage Tenant Turnover


Our Services Don’t Stop After Tenants Move In

RE/MAX by invitation Property Management’s leasing services go beyond taking care of the paperwork and all of the tenant-landlord relationship details. We are also committed to helping you grow your property business’ value by focusing on proactive and emergency maintenance services. Our maintenance program includes scheduled property inspections to identify proactive repairs to avoid larger future repairs. Our team is also equipped to respond 24/7 to emergency repairs.

RE/MAX by invitation Property Management takes the pressure off of you throughout the entire property management process.